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God Wants To Answer Your Prayers, #4

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Ms. Connie always experienced extreme pain in her ear when flying. When the plane would begin its descent she'd feel like she was being stabbed in the ear with an ice pick. Now, because her husband had changed jobs, she was going to be doing a lot more flying . Every couple of weeks she'd be flying back and forth, from home to San Francisco.

One morning, while at home, doing her daily Bible reading, she happened across this scripture:

Hebrews 7:16 (NLT) Jesus became a priest, not by meeting the physical requirement of belonging to the tribe of Levi, but by the power of a life that cannot be destroyed.

The last part of that scripture, "by the power of a life that cannot be destroyed," exploded within her, and she had this thought, 'Jesus was in her, Christ was in her, the power of a life which cannot be destroyed, was in her.' Other scriptures came quickly to her mind and she saw that it meant deliverance from anything which came to destroy.

As she was checking in to the local airport for her next flight she ran into Mary, from Church, who was working at the airport. Ms. Connie was so excited about what she had seen in the scriptures that she shared it with her. The first leg of her flight was just a short hop on a small plane to LAX, Los Angeles International Airport. Ms. Connie assumed that because the plane wasn't going that high she wouldn't have the problem with the pain in her ear, but when the plane began to land she experienced the same horrible pain.

She started the next leg of her flight, from LAX to San Francisco, and continued meditating and thinking about what God was showing her. As the plane started to land terrible the pain in her ear started up as normal. Ms. Connie puts it this way,

"I had had the pain for so many years I wasn't even thinking about healing. I just kept meditating on the Scriptures because they were so alive in me. When we started to land there was a pain and I thought 'Oh No.' Then I immediately thought, 'Wait! NO! I'm not having this. I have the power of the life that cannot be destroyed in me.' I said, "Pain go! You have no authority in my life because I have the power of a life that cannot be destroyed within me." There was no more pain. And there was no pain on my flight back 2 weeks later."

Praise God!

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