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Laying On of Hands

I like these two quotes about laying on of hands, kind of give a better picture of how it should work.

"The real secret of the ministry of healing is in permitting the grace of God in your heart to flow out through your hands and your nerves into the other life. That is the real secret." (John G. Lake, Living In God's Power.)

“However, any believer can lay hands on the sick in faith and it will work. I did that as a Baptist. And about halfway between the two—between laying hands on people in faith and laying hands on people with a special anointing—Spirit-filled believers charged with the power of God can lay hands on people. If any Spirit-filled believer will keep praying and wait on God long enough, he will become charged with that power and feel it flow out of him.” (Kenneth E. Hagin, Health Food Devotions, April 8)

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