Bible Tidbit, The Unforgivable Sin, 1 John 1:5-10
Whatever We Decree In Jesus Name He Will Do It

More Answered Prayers

        God wants to answer your prayers, don’t let people talk you out of receiving what God wants you to have.

The Resurrected Dog

        M.’s family has a bunch of dogs, some Pit Bulls some Chihuahuas. A few weeks ago they discovered one of the Pit Bulls with its mouth locked around the neck of one of the Chihuahua’s, her daughter S.’s pet.

        By the time they removed the Chihuahua it wasn’t breathing, it had turned blue, its eyes were bulging out, its tongue was hanging out, and there was a hole behind its head where one of the Pit Bulls teeth had penetrated. M. said her only thought was to bury it, but her daughter S., a senior in high school, became quite upset and insisted her mom do something.

        M. said she was hesitant but remembered the story of Lazarus and thought, ‘Well I know this is just a dog not a person, but it’s important to S.’ So she began to pray following Jesus’ example. She had to keep praying  for half an hour before the dog revived. It began walking around and had a slight limp in one of it’s back legs. That was a few weeks ago and the dog is still doing fine.


Sister-In-Law Lives After Doctors Give Up Hope.

        I like this one because it involved a prolonged fight with many ups and downs, much resistance and opposition, but a steady, relentless march of faith on the part of Ms. C.

         About two and half years ago Ms. C’s elderly sister-in-law was diagnosed with cancer. The doctors couldn't help her so they sent her home, telling her that she’d be dead sometime between a few months and two years. Ms. C’s began talking to her about healing and trying to show her that it was God’s will that she be well. This was an extended battle on Ms. C’s part. She’d quite frequently drive four hundred miles round trip to feed her sister-in-law the word of God and pray with her.

        There were several times when it seemed as though she would not survive. Towards the end of January, 2011 Ms. C  had asked us to agree with her, the situation seemed dire. It seemed the fight was about to be lost. On February 1, 2011,  Ms. C texted me the following:

F’s kidney function better, no dialysis today. The cancer is gone in Jesus’ name.

I replied,

Praise God. If we can see the cancer gone in our heart then it will be gone in our sight soon enough. Keep fighting the good fight of faith.

Ms. C responded:

Amen. The cancer left the day I walked in her house last fall after we agreed at church that morning that it would.  My eyes see things and then my mind gets upset, but my heart is settled and speaks louder than them all and says "Jesus said 'It is finished', 'F. is healed' Hallelujah!

        In June of 2012 Ms. C reported that her sister-in-law appears to have recovered. She is able to get up and around after being bedfast for quite a while. When asked how she had gotten better, she replied, “I guess prayer really works.”


Fever Stops, Blood Pressure Drops, Kidneys Start

        Ms. J’s friend from work asked Ms. J for prayer for her father who had been bitten by a spider, left the bite unattended and was now in the hospital with sepsis, fever, low blood pressure and no kidney function. Ms J prayed and asked us to agree that the fever would stop, the blood pressure would go up and the kidneys would function.

        Later, while Ms. J was at hospital with her friend, the doctor advised that they needed to call the family because the end was near. Ms. J kept saying that the fever had to leave, the blood pressure must go up and the kidneys had to function.

        A few days later Ms. J texted:

"Message from my friend regarding  good news on her dad. Fever went down and blood pressure went up. l was there when doc said to call family. Kidneys still not working, but they must obey and work."

        On Sunday Ms. J told us that her friend had let her know, a couple days before, that her dad had peed, his kidneys were now functioning.



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