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We had so many great testimonies last Sunday I thought I’d share them with you. What blesses me most is that all of them, except the last, are the result, not of mine or Becky’s prayers, but of the prayers of other people in our church. Nothing gives me greater pleasure than to see the people we have taught doing the work of the Kingdom of God. These are all from memory so if there are any corrections please let me know.

D… testified that last Sunday, while Becky and I were at the Army/Navy Game visiting Jeremiah, and Dan and Connie were running the service, she asked for prayer for an apartment she wanted to rent. She said that all week she knew it was going to happen and finally on Friday they allowed her to move in and didn’t even require a deposit.

M… testified that the teenage son of a coworker who had injured his back, asked her to pray for him, before he went to the doctor. This all happened at M…’s job, so they went into the break room to pray so as not to disturb anyone. M… prayed and the boy began to loudly exclaim that something was happening, that God and the angels were in the room. M… said he was really moved by the experience and was apparently healed.

N… said that she was talking with a mormon friend of hers who’s husband was sick and the friend began to say something like, if it’s God will he’ll be healed. N… told her no and pulled out her Bible to show her that it was God’s will for her husband to be well. They then prayed and she later learned that the husband was well.

N… also mentioned that an older person whom she didn’t know that well, came and began speaking to her about the regrets and sadness she had about life. N… showed her some scriptures and then prayed for her. N… said the anointing was very powerful and the friend was encouraged. Later the woman asked her to pray again when she became discouraged.

J… said that the previous Sunday she had, had a lump on her leg for several days that was very painful and fear tried to come on her that it might be cancer. During praise and worship, the week we were gone, the lump disappeared. She also testified about prayer for a cousin she was concerned about. She had lost touch with him and his phone had been disconnected. She and another cousin prayed together about it. Later he unexpectedly showed up at J…’s house for a visit though he’s from the Pomona area. All was well.

T… testified that she had woken up in the morning having difficulty bending her knee. She came to church and during the praise and worship was healed. Glory!

C… testified that she’d been believing God for two end tables they needed for their apartment and she didn’t want to spend more than $50 each. While shopping for something else she pulled up in front of a furniture store that she didn’t usually go in to, but she felt lead to go in and look around. She found the two tables regularly priced at $249 each on sale for $49 each. Whoo hooo!

After church when Becky and I were at Costco a man I had prayed for in the hospital came over to say hello and told me that after I prayed the internal bleeding he had been experiencing stopped and he was released from the hospital.

God is good. God answers prayers. God is interested in you. God wants it to go well with you in every area of your life. Miracle Valley Christian Center…, as Becky says, Whoo…Hoooo.


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