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Why God Wants You Rich

Istock_000003263591xsmall We've been teaching on the subject of prosperity for quite a while now, but before continuing I want to discuss the why of prosperity. Why does God want you to prosper? There's more that one reason that God desires are prosperity. Prosperity is good and God is a good God therefore he desires our prosperity… God has promised to prosper us, to keep his promise we have to prosper… It takes money to help the poor so we need to prosper in order to be able to help them. But I believe the most important reason God wants us to prosper is to free us from dependence on the world system. He wants us free to serve him. He wants us free to do what he has created and called us to do. God has promised to prosper us materially and financially so that we can be free to serve him. That's what this message is about.


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