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30days Wanted to recommend, 30 Days, a really interesting show on the FX network. Basically, they put people with completely different takes on something together for 30 days and see if anyone changes their mind. An atheist lady goes to live with an evangelical Christian family for 30 days. A member of the anti -illegal alien group, Minutemen, goes to live with an illegal alien family in Los Angeles fro 30 days. A pro choice abortion clinic worker goes to live a Christian crisis pregnancy center for 30 days.

The one about immigration was pretty strong. The Minuteman guy comes to like the illegal alien family he's living with. The illegal alien dad asks him to go down to Mexico to visit his brother and see what it was like where they were at. The Minuteman guy goes and is shocked by the poverty and squalor. When he comes back the dad tells him I can't leave my brother down there and the Minuteman says he understands. Pretty powerful stuff. Highly recommended. Here's the website for the show if you want to see a little more about it.

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