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If you're interested in business or marketing or being more creative here's a website that has some really good material, Change This. The website hosts a bunch of different articles, "Manifestos" they call them by some of the top marketing/ management guys; including Mark Cuban, owner of the Dallas Mavericks; Malcolm Gladwell author of, The Tipping Point, one of the most interesting books of the past few years; Guy Kawasaki, one of my favorite authors, Hugh MacLeod a guy with some great ideas about being creative and marketing if you can get past his potty mouth, management guru, Tom Peters. Most of the "Manifestos" are quite short less than 30 pages. Here's some of my favorites, Polkas & Pyrotechnics by Seth Godin. 100 Ways To Help You Suceed / Make Money, by Tom Peters. The Talent Myth by Malcolm Gladwell. How To Be Creative, Hugh MacLeod. The Art of The Start, Guy Kawasaki. Enjoy.

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