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Another Answered Prayer

Rocket launch copyI like this one because it played out over an extended period of about two years. Too often we call it quits when the answer doesn’t show up right away and we end up missing out on what God wants us to have. I’m relating this from our point of view, D and family were believing God and praying on their own as well, but I’m relating this testimony just from our point of view.

Sometime in January/February 2010 at the end of the Sunday morning service D asked us to pray for favor during an upcoming meeting or review or something like that at work. D wanted it to go well and work out to D’s benefit. Now D is extremely faithful, tithes, helps us at Church, rarely misses a service. As I began to pray an anointing came on me and it seemed to me that I was speaking the words of God, it was pretty strong. I was pretty sure it was from God and this is what I said, this is what I knew in my heart God was saying to D (I’m doing this from memory so the words may not be exactly right but they’re pretty close.):

Because you have been faithful to me I will be faithful to you. You think that your faithfulness is great, but it is nothing compared to my faithfulness, stand back and watch the faithfulness of the LORD.

In my heart I knew that good things were getting ready to happen for D.

Some weeks later D ended up resigning from the job D had asked us to pray about. Sitting talking with D at home about the situation I remember saying, “Well…for what it’s worth I’m as sure as I’ve ever been, that was God speaking to you.” Things didn’t look too good.

I’d often say to Becky, I’m sure as anything that was God speaking to D, did I miss it, because it sure doesn’t look like God is being faithful to D. Maybe I don’t even know the voice of God. One day as Becky and I were taking a walk, discussing D’s situation, we were at the foot of this large dirt pile we usually walk over, Becky said,

“D’s going up D’s not going down.”                                                                            

So we began to say that. Jesus said you can have what you say if you believe in your heart, if you know in your heart, if you can see in your heart, that the thing you are saying is going to come to pass. Se we began to say, “D is going up, D is not going down.” We began to say it at the end of our church services, together as a church, “D is going up, D is not going down.

After not too long, with the help of some industry friends, D was able to find a job with another organization. D was believing God for favor and was receiving it. The new job though was temporary, with a much smaller organization, for less pay, and far away from family and friends. But D continued in D’s faithful ways, tithing, traveling long distances to come to church, and attending church in the new town as well. Because of D’s severance package, as I understood it, D’s income had actually gone up. But the future didn’t look great. 

After about 6 months D’s temporary job was ending. The employer was pleased with D’s work and wanted D to stay in the position permanently. But it was far from home and the pay wasn’t that great. D began looking for jobs closer to home in any field. Jobs that paid less than D had been getting before D resigned, were starting to look acceptable. From the natural standpoint it didn’t look like D was going up, it looked like D was going down. But Becky and I kept saying, whenever D would come to mind, "D is going up D is not going down." But the thought would come to my mind before church, maybe I should stop saying that together with the church, because at this point I’m looking like a real idiot. But at the end of our church services, I’d check my heart, now full of faith and from my heart I was able to say, "D is going up, D is not going down," and I’d have everybody say it along with me, "D is going up D is not going down."

Suddenly everything changed. D was offered a job in Los Angeles, a good job, making good money, in the industry D had worked in D's whole life. It seemed to us it was a step up for D.  D took the job in L.A. and we rejoiced. A few months later though, D’s spouse told us that they couldn’t share any details but to keep believing and saying, D was going up, D was not going down. A few weeks ago, two years after D first asked us to pray, D was promoted. After less than a year at the new company, D was asked to head up four different divisions of the company. D would be supervising the equivalent positions at those four organizations that D had resigned from two years before. D had gone up, D hadn’t gone down. As Becky likes to say, WHOOO, HOOOOO!

God is faithful if we can be faithful in our faith. If you can hear it in your heart right now, say it with us, "D is going up, D is not going down."


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