How To Pray Without Ceasing
Even More Answers To Prayer

More Answers To Prayer

Some more testimones of answered prayer from the last couple church services.

- N.’s friend, an elementary school teacher, was quite distraught about being moved to a different grade level. N. told her not to be upset, let’s pray, God will help you. They prayed, N. said there was a very strong anointing of God present while they prayed. N. later asked the friend what had happened and was told that she was allowed to stay with the grade she wanted to stay with.

- M. Had applied for a job at a certain company, she liked the place, and they seemed to like her so she was believing God the job was hers. She returned to the company on another matter and was told that the job had already been filled.  M. said it was like we say in church, in her heart, she knew the job was hers, so she left saying the job was hers. They later called and gave her the job. In another matter M. said that a claim she had filed had been denied. Friends advised her to file an appeal but she decided to leave it in God’s’ hands and later received the $1,000 dollars she had been expecting.

- S. badly injured her knee during a high school basketball game. On the way to the hospital her mom told her to laugh, “Ha, ha, ha…” at the devil because he wasn’t going to be able to steal from them. Later, at church, S.'s mom asked us to agree that the devil would not be able to steal from their family. Last week, at the end of the church service S., a teenager, stood up and asked for prayer. When asked what she wanted God to do for her, she said, “That there would be no tears in her knee.” S.‘s friend, who also injured her knee during that game though not as severely, had undergone and MRI which reavealed there were tears in the knee ligaments(?). We all agreed with S. that there would be no tears. Later that week, after the MRI, the Doctor said he couldn’t see any tears but thought that there might be a little one. Let’s keep believing and saying, “There'll be no tears.”

These are from memory so if there are any corrections let me know.

God wants to answer your prayers. God wants to help you. God wants to help others through your prayers. God is a good God.


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