More Answers To Prayer
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Even More Answers To Prayer

Nitz shared a beautiful testimony of answered prayer with us yesterday at church. A friend was in the hospital with a blood clot in her lung, a very serious condition, the friend couldn’t even get out of bed or move around. Nitz felt led to lay on the bed with her friend as she read her some scriptures about healing. She said that when she had finished reading the scriptures there was an explosion of God’s presence and they then prayed that the clot would disappear.

The next day Nitz went to visit the friend and  the friend was able to get out of bed and walk around and was feeling much better. While she was there the doctor came to see her friend. The doctor said he wasn’t sure what had  happened. He was pretty sure there was clot when they did the original scans but they couldn’t find it now. The doctor was going to ask a different technician to review the scans to see what he thought. Nitz told her friend, We know what happened to the clot. The friend was released form the hospital a couple days later.

God is good.

God answers prayer.

God wants to answer your prayers.



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